Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family Photos

My husband is funny! I mean, he's got great ideas- or at least he thinks so! His latest idea is to do a "theme" picture for our Christmas cards this year! Granted, this isn't a bad idea as he's right and every year we seem to do the same thing... get dressed up in our Sunday best and smile pretty! Now, as a mother with a lousy memory, this idea appeals to me as I love the girls' Sunday best clothes and I love having a formal picture of our family. I take plenty of not formal pictures throughout the year including those spur of the moment pictures we ask strangers to take of our family at different events! So, the idea of paying a professional photographer to take our family picture in costume is a little hard for me to swallow, but I love my husband and if this is his plan for Christmas cards then more power to him but this will also mean he will be in charge of said Christmas cards this year... not a bad trade now that I think about it!

So, the theme this Christmas is "Urban Cowboy". That's right... we'll be going to a local park that is full of historic buildings, barns, hay and other cowboyish things! The girls and I'll be in denim skirts/dresses and boots! Now, I grew up in boots and denim, so this is not fun for me, but despite my upbringing I have no boots anymore, so I'll be wearing my fashion boots with my denim skirt and plaid shirt! The girls though do both have boots, and what cute boots they are. None of us have cowboy hats though, so not sure how to do this theme up right, but we'll give it a try! I did buy Zoe a little party sheriff's hat... kinda corny and don't forget the handkerchiefs... we sure didn't! Now what to do with them? Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures from today's photo session later this week! We'll see! So, wish us luck and a hearty Yee Haw!

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