Thursday, January 12, 2012

What to blog about....

Hmmm... well I'm trying to be more consistant about blogging this year, but I also want it to mean something when I do. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could actually use this forum as a way to touch people's lives? I have a friend and I LOVE her blog! It touches me quite often, weather it's my funny bone or a little conviction it's always good! If you want to read it go here. She's great to follow!

Anyways... as I'm looking out the window at our first skiff of snow all year and thinking of inspiration to strike I guess I will just tell you what's been happening here! We made it through the holidays! We had a great time and then on to the next one, well the next one that I don't have to plan that is... Patrick started asking me what I wanted to do for my birthday.... this occasion is 4 months away.... why the early start you ask? Well, it's a big birthday... the BIG 3-0! Wow! So to me a birthday is just another day, maybe if I'm lucky one I don't have to cook dinner on, but still it's just another day, just another number, just another year! So, why should this year be any different? Well, for me it's not! It's still just another day, just another number, just another year! But my husband has somehow got it in his head that I need a big deal made, but alas I'm at a loss, so readers, please help, how did you all celebrate your 3oth birthday? How have you always wanted to celebrate your 30th if you aren't there yet? Though I find it funny the he focuses on that as I start to consider what to do for the girls' birthdays. We make them special, but we aren't one to throw these big elaborate parties, and I'm thinking with all the invites that Zoe gets from classmates we are the only parents out there not spending tons of money on birthday parties thrown at local places, such as Going Bonkers (where you really do Go Bonkers as a short amount of time with all that noise), or the latest is a Gymnastic party! Fun idea, but my daughter is not athletic, brillant at school, but so lacking in the coodination arena, poor thing, only has me to thank for that : ) And all costly! I think the cheapest party place we've found is about $100. So, that seems a little much for me for a 4 or 7 year olds birthday party. I mean, how will we do the big 16 if we spend all this money now? So, I am open for cheaper suggestions here too. Though last year we let Zoe have her best friend over for a few hours for a special dinner and movie and that was fun! Maybe we'll do that this year too... only maybe 2 friends? We'll see. I am just glad I have 3 months before that too. So for now I'll enjoy just being, not being busy and not being stressed but just being!

Well, here's to a happy day, staying warm wherever you are!

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  1. Obviously I am very behind on my blog reading because I am just now reading this -- but you are very sweet! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog -- I love reading yours as well! And haven't you heard, 30 is the new 20? :)