Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making a marriage better!

I recently read a blog about 5 Secrets to make a marriage last. There was some great advice there but the one thing that really did hit home was to put on your "goodness contacts" Philippians 4:8 says to only see what is pure and good and lovely and excellent and praiseworthy. If we see with our goodness contacts then those little things that bother us will not bother us as much anymore. The suggestion was to "write out a thankfulness log to get the log out of your own eye." Can you write out 100 things you love about your spouse today? 10? 20? And do it again tomorrow? See the good and give thanks. Write it down to remember. And remember that when we sometimes wonder if we have married the right person that indeed "I have married the right man because God can make me the right women." Today I'm going to start by writing out just a short list of 10 things that I love about my husband!
1. He's a GREAT listener

2. He's a WONDERFUL father

3. He is a STRONG protector

4. He's a GOOD provider

5. He's VERY generous with both time and money

6. He's SMART

7. He's FUNNY

8. He's ORGANIZED (but I'm soo not, so what a great attribute)

9. He's LOVING

10. He's PATIENT

There are just a very few of the many many reasons why I love my husband more and more everyday!

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